BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine. EGBOGI JEDIJEDI (ogun jedijedi) egbo idi egbo ayin kafura pelebe. This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License (, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. The present study was designed primarily to compare the trend of utilisation for this species between different locations and amongst different peoples in the country. The report [24] stressed further that the general acceptance of zootherapy calls for an assessment of the impact of this healing method on wild populations. Ten questionnaires were administered for the preliminary survey in all the Local Government Areas included in the study. Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Health / Alafia Logun Oro Itoju Topeye Ogun Ibile Todaju (480034 Views), Civil Servant Killed By Thunder In Oro, Kwara (Photos) / Ogun Ibile To Daju / The Bad Shape Of Oro General Hospital, Kwara State (Exclusive Photos) (2) (3) (4), (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) ... (27) (Reply) (Go Down), (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) ... (27) (Reply). A vast majority of wildlife products used in traditional medicines is usually taken directly from the wild [13]. Journal of Ethnobiol and Ethnomedicine. 10.1017/S0376892900030605. Regarding its global conservation status, pangolins are presently rated as near threatened on IUCN Red Data Book and listed in appendix II of CITES. 2008. This may reduce the pressure on pangolin populations in the wild. The bioactive ingredients in some parts of this animal were responsible for some of their uses. Nairaland - Copyright © 2005 - 2021 Oluwaseun Osewa. Department of Biological Sciences, Covenant University, P.M.B 1023, Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria, Department of Plant Science and Applied Zoology, Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago- Iwoye, Ogun State, Nigeria, You can also search for this author in Odumosu, M. Agbara Nbe Ninu Ewe Ati Egbo. This agreed with [3] which stated that the head of white-bellied pangolin, Manis tricuspis, same species encountered in this study with the eyes intact was used in curing/treating kleptomania. Typhoid and malaria ... Ao wa ewe anu gbigbe,ao lo pelu kafura pelebe, ao lo papo, ao da sinu ipara. Baba,mo ro wipe ogun isoye yi eni Ewe Akoko 16 la ma ko si.... Ogun Ajinde Ara (Alare ta toju ti arare koya toko tiko dide lori are egbiyanju ogun yi kia ni yio dide), ATUDE ASINA APA EGUN PA ASASI ATI OWU ALANTAKUN, Ogun fun Oniwa npale ati omuti ati iwakiwa ti afe kiwan fi iwa na sile, e ka le sir.ejowo,no send text msg si yin.e ko reply!Lori egbon mi ti ko le ba iyawo e se, Alafia Logun Oro Itoju Topeye Ogun Ibile Todaju, Civil Servant Killed By Thunder In Oro, Kwara (Photos), The Bad Shape Of Oro General Hospital, Kwara State (Exclusive Photos), Re: Alafia Logun Oro Itoju Topeye Ogun Ibile Todaju, Doctor in the House: Free Medical Advice Available, Causes Of Seeing Menstrual Period Twice A Month. California Privacy Statement, The scales were also used to wade off witches among the Aworis and this agrees with [25] which reported that the scales were thought to neutralise witchcraft and evil spirits. 2006, []. A field study to assess the population dynamics of this animal in the wild is urgently required. PubMed  Head and tip of the tail were combined in preparation of medicine for breakthrough in business, whole internal organs and complete limbs were used for money rituals while the head and scale were employed in medicine that confer protection against negative forces and their influences. Regarding the level of education of the respondents 22.5 percent had no formal education, 7.5 percent had exclusive quoranic education, and 55 percent had just primary education while only 5 percent had post secondary education as shown in table 3. Some animals have also been used for religious and cultural purposes such as sacrifices for appeasing and invoking spirits and gods while some others have played important roles in magic rituals and mysticism [2–4]. Abere pupo ao pa pepe, alubosa ayu,kananfuru, kakandoro, kafura pelebe ao ki gbogbo re lagbo pelu omin ao ma yomu 6 Likes 1 Share Re: Alafia Logun Oro Itoju Topeye Ogun Ibile Todaju by kadunasouth ( m ): 11:10pm On Dec 20 , 2015 While advocating that the medicinal use of animals be considered together with other anthropogenic pressures, [14] observed that rapid reduction in natural resources as a consequence of the expanded urbanisation, global warming and reduced natural habitat poses a considerable threat to the sustainability of traditional medicine. Most practitioners fail to realise that if these animals go into extinction, the lives of people who solely depend on traditional medicine would be at risk and their own trade may be adversely affected. The practitioners were often reluctant to disclose the full complement of ingredients required for some preparations. Can I give edible camphor(omi kafura pelebe) to my one year old boy due to the sweet things like sweet , biscuits, youhgort e.t. c he consumes everyday? A whole animal is required in the preparation of fortune rousers, immune boosters and rituals performed during the foundation laying stage of new buildings. Traditional Yorubic-medical practitioners should be enlightened on the status of animals used in their trado-medical preparations. Soewu, D.A., Adekanola, T.A. The Chinese used the scales for preparations to neutralise witchcraft and evil spirits and to cure sores [7]. OGUN GIRI. Awan ogun lorisirisi fun itoju ara onbo lona laipe, Ogun eniti owu Alantakun Makoloju ni gbogbo igba, Ogun omo to nsunkun ti ko nidikan pato to nfi sunkun, Aboruboye,Ejowo kini oruko miran ti anpe Asunwon oyinbo Isese agbewa o, this is a great thread that people will later turn to....u are doing a great work sir...pls sir....kin ni Ogun to odagu fun DIABETIES/ ITO SUGER , STROKE ati EJE RURU/HYPERTENSION. Posts Tagged: Ogun. CAS  This article is published under license to BioMed Central Ltd. Whole animal, flesh (in parts) and the complete thorax of pangolin were each employed in the treatment of 4 different conditions. Newton P, Thai NV, Robertson S, Bell D: Pangolins in peril: using local hunters' knowledge to conserve elusive species in Vietnam. A study in some markets in Isreal recorded 20 animal species which products were sold as traditional remedies [10]. Traditional Yorubic medicine among the Ijebus used pangolin scales to treat stomach ulcers, venereal diseases, stroke, mental illness, to wade off witchcraft and to prepare traditional antibiotics as also recorded in this study. Although majority of its uses attributed to its scales and carcass, pangolins are also used in food as a supplementary protein source and as adornments [4, 7, 23]. The Ijebus required the head to treat convulsions, but the Aworis would utilise the thorax for same purpose. Pangolin is one of the mammalian species most affected [21]. Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine In addition to documenting pangolin scales as having the highest fidelity level, [25] also reported that South Korea imported a total of 29, 621 kg of pangolin scales valued at USD 471,000 from China, Vietnam, Indonesia and Singapore between 1993 and 1994 for use in the Traditional Korean medicine (TKM). Soewu and Adekanola Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine 2011, 7:25. Ogun. ogun: man steals month-old baby from sleeping mother october 8, 2019; ekiti: 59-year-old man caught on top of nine-year-old girl defiling her october 8, 2019 ... overdose of edible camphor “kafura pelebe’ is poisonous – research. The study investigated the specific parts of pangolins employed to treat various conditions; complimentary ingredients required; method of preparation cum administration; need for accompanying incantations; and substitute wildlife species (and their parts) that could replace pangolin parts without necessitating a change in other ingredients. African Wildlife Fund (AWF): Pangolin. Correspondence to Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine. The conservation of medicinal wildlife resources will require conservation, management, awareness, regulation and research initiatives by a whole range of institutions. Various aspects of the utilisation of pangolin in traditional medicinal practices were investigated. 2005, World Health Organisation (WHO): Traditional Medicine. Background Kafura pelebe (camphor) {C10H16O} is a chemical substance used mostly amongst the Yoruba ethnic group in Western Nigeria to treat infantile colic during early childhood. The scale has the highest fidelity level in this study i.e. Stratified random-sampling technique was employed to select the respondents throughout the study. 2009, 5: 39-10.1186/1746-4269-5-39. EWE ATI OGUN WA you are welcome to ewé ati ogun wa . Article  According to [24] there is a need to increase our understanding of the biology and ecology of species commonly used as remedies to better assess the impacts of harvesting pressure (for medicinal and other purposes) on their wild populations. The quantity of pangolin utilised by the respondents over a period of one month is shown in table 7. Eighty percent of respondents were aged between 46 and 75 years, 5.0 percent were above 75 years of age, only 15 percent were 36-45 years old while none of them was younger than 36 years as shown in table 1. Majority of wildlife used in traditional medicines is taken from the wild; hence demand by traditional medicine is a cause of over-exploitation of wild animals. 2007, [], Ntiamoa-Baidu Y: West African Wildlife; a resource in jeopardy. volume 7, Article number: 25 (2011) 1987, 27-25. Regarding the use of substitute animal, only 13 out of the 47 situations encountered during this study (27.7 percent) would readily accommodate another animal in place of pangolin. Thorax was used to treat convulsions, unconsciousness, menstrual pains and in preventing or wading off rain. it is the most frequently utilised part in traditional medicinal preparations - a total 15 conditions were treated using the scales of pangolin. The whole animal was employed to cure/wade off bad illness and sickness while [1] reported that the scale was utilised to cure skin diseases. Several authors have also recorded a wide variety of animals and their parts in sales for other parts of the world. A si le da si meji kafi idakeji po ose dudu ao ma fi we omo na. 4.OGUN TI NWON BAWA KAWA MO ILE PE WON FE 5.MUWA TI AO FI PARADA SI NKANTI OBA WUWA. Ten percent of respondents procured the animals by chance/on encounter, above 47% engaged in prepayment for pangolins; while about 43% claimed they contracted hunters or poachers for deliberate searches for the animals as shown in table 5. By using this website, you agree to our As revealed in table 4 which depicts the source of the animal, 72.5 percent purchased pangolin from retail traders in the various markets, 25 percent bought from hunters while less than 3 percent cropped the animal directly from the wild. Above 97% reported a continuous decline in the size of pangolin. kafura, ao weni owu dd ati ff ao wadi sinu aso were ao kisi enu pepeye ao lo rimo inu aro ti wonti ndana dada, iwo ti onwa iferan lodan wo wagbape ogun iferan wa todaju toro enu ko, mio so nipa awon omo kan ti asasi eran o, tori oni nti akoko mase siru won kio todi pe asa ogun siwon. Cite this article. More than 92% believed that pangolins' abundance is steadily decreasing. 2003, [], Soewu DA, Ayodele IA: Utilisation of Pangolin (Manis sps) in traditional Yorubic medicine in Ijebu pronvince, Ogun State, Nigeria. Located in the Southwest zone of Nigeria with a total land area of 16,409.26 square kilometres, it is bounded on the West by the Benin Republic, on the South by Lagos State and the Atlantic Ocean, on the East by Ondo State, and on the North by Oyo and Osun States. The resultant over-hunting has exposed several species, most especially the mammals to increased the risk. [], Helwig D: Traditional African Medicine. High incentives often attached to contract hunting encourage poachers to push deeper into the natural habitat for this animal. NO! Brautigam A, John H, Tamsin H, Jonathan H: Recent Information on the Status and Utilisation of African Pangolins. Three types of pangolins exist in West-Africa: the giant pangolin (Manis gigantea), the tree pangolins (Manis tricuspis) and the ground pangolin (Manis temminckii) [22]. It is very important for conservation groups to create adequate awareness as regards the implications of depletion of natural resources (flora and fauna) having known medicinal values. 2009, 9: 1-18. J Ethnobiology Ethnomedicine 7, 25 (2011). Olakunle Oluomo has described a former Majority Leader, who represented Sagamu I State Constituency in. The authors declare that they have no competing interests. Diversity of conditions treated and parts employed in this study are similar in some cases to findings of some previous studies on trado-medicinal practices among other peoples. 11 (1985): Control of International Trade in Endangered Wild Fauna and Flora[4, 7]. 2003. The demand created by traditional medicine has however been identified as one of the causes of the overexploitation of the wild population of numerous animal species. It was observed that many animal species have been over-exploited as sources of medicines for the folk medicine trade [12]. Traditional-medical knowledge and perception of pangolins (Manis sps) among the Awori people, Southwestern Nigeria. Ewe ola ati kafura pelebe, epo obo, aogun won papo, aowa gun won papo mon ose dudu, aoko si inu afoku ikoko kan, aofi ika aarin lu iho si ose yen laarin, aofi abela funfun si inu iho na, ti aba setan ati molo sibi oja wa, ao tanna sori candle na aolowe, ti aba we tan, aopa ina na, aode mon fi omi iwe na won ile ise tabi ile itaja wa.. Traditional medicine has been described by the World Health Organization (WHO) as one of the surest means to achieve total health care coverage for the world's population [5]. In Africa, reliance on wildlife-based medicine stems partly on the one hand from the high cost of conventional medicine and the inaccessibility of modern health care facilities. 2011, 1-15. Also the Ijebus will require a whole animal to prepare charms for breakthrough in business whereas the Aworis will employ the head and tip of tail for the same purpose. Some group of people in East India utilised the scales for rheumatism and labour pain. Taxonomy, description, distribution and habitat, behavior, diet and reproduction for this animal is as presented in [7]. AWORO , - aowa tagiri nla kan, aoha gbogbo aje arare, aopo mo kafura pelebe, aofi ose die ko, aofi ka tagiri yi loke, aoso mo oke enu ona, opari, ewe amo jeooo, ( olujide 1 ) 08060242749 at January 19, 2016 No comments: As the market value of wildlife has escalated with increasing demand and decreasing supply, there has been a marked shift in hunting motives from primarily for subsistence to purely for trade purposes. Egbo Ayin, Egbo idi, Egbo ipeta, Epo Okuku, Epo Ira, Epo orira, Egbo Lawale, Akogun, Epo igi Banni, Sasagbaku, Alubosa Ayu, Alubosa funfun, Atawere Adayeba, kanhun bilala, Abere, Kananfuru, Kafura Pelebe ao ge gbogbore die die sinu roba ragolis nila ao bu omisi ao fisile bi wakati mefa ao ma mu die die ekan lojumo tabi aro ati ale Durojaye A Soewu. Situations accommodated included those that can be treated by orthodox medicine like rheumatism and venereal diseases as well as some that are out of range for orthodox medicine including kleptomania and good luck charms. This stresses the need for restraint when advocating the use of substitute animals in traditional medicines to avoid creating more conservation problems while trying to solve one. The Speaker of the Ogun State House of Assembly, Rt. The bone (from any part of the body), vertebral bones, eye, limbs and complete female reproductive organ were each used to treat a condition - rheumatism, stroke, kleptomania, fortune rouser and ejection of placenta respectively. Obviously, continued depletion of medicinal wildlife resources not only embodies a challenge for conservation, but more importantly represents a serious threat to the health status of human population [4, 13]. Some mythological conceptions about pangolin also influenced the use of some parts of the animal to treat some situations. Questionnaires were administered on the tymps by direct interview method. Journal of Ethnobiology Ethnomedicine. Figure 1 The map of Nigeria and Ogun State showing study site. Manage cookies/Do not sell my data we use in the preference centre. 1998. Utilisation of pangolin in traditional medicine has no consideration for sustainability. Scales were also used in preparation of medicine for safe parturition, increased productivity on the farm, wading off witches, protection and safety. Ogun awon baba wa Ogun eyonu awon agba Ogun asiribibo Ogun awure owo nla Osole Owo ifa,ogun Ogun Omo yahoo ogun atude. Indigenous knowledge and development monitor articles. Pangolin was used in treating a total of 47 conditions among the Aworis (table 8). Below are the links to the authors’ original submitted files for images. An Acad Bras Ciênc. Scales were also employed in the present study to treat open cuts (sores) in the body. This practice of treating human diseases by use of therapeutics obtained or ultimately derived from animals is called Zootherapy [9]. Use of scales to treat wounds, stomach ulcer and venereal diseases is premised on anti-microbial potencies of preparations from the scale. Also the thorax of pangolin was used to wade off/prevent rain as against [7] which reported that the scales and blood were used for rain making and to protect against bad omen and prepare amulets against gun shots. A preliminary survey was conducted in December 2006 to standardise the questionnaire, determine the time required to completely administer one questionnaire and, establish contacts with the tymps association. Awareness should be created on people as regards the implications of unsustainable depletion of medicinal resources. ao ge egbo lapa funfun ati pupa si ona 16,kekeke. Bere fun irufe eyi keyi Ogun yoruba to'daju (charm) ti o ba nfe 08102365897 tabi ohun ti ko ye tabi iwosan si isoro aye re. Throughout human history, and in practically every human culture which presents a structured medical system, animals have been used as medicinal resources for the treatment and relieve of a wide variety of human health challenges [1]. Forty traditional Yorubic-medical practitioners (tymps) selected through stratified random-sampling technique were interviewed using open-ended questionnaires. The quantity of pangolin utilised for the period as well as observable trends in size and availability of the animal were also examined. There is a need to educate the entire citizenry on the implications of a total loss of this specie as a result of over-exploitation for biodiversity conservation and health care delivery. There is no indication that the level of utilisation of medicinal wildlife resources for traditional medicine would diminish [13]. Moreso, the magic, superstition and dogma that surrounded traditional medicinal preparations are giving way to an understanding of the real basis of their curative power and consequently their social acceptance [4, 13]. ... egbo idi egbo ayin kafura pelebe. 2008, 3 (6): 421-427. This can cause poisoning and organs damage for your child. Ogun afato ao Wa egbo ogbolo tutu ati kafura pelebe ao fi oti ki ao MA yomu laro laro moki eyin baba mi moki eyin egbon MI awumi tie ba lefunmi ni iyonda kin matesiwaju Lori Ogun Fifi sile Ogun osole todaju The use of this animal in traditional medicine is intensive and has no consideration for either the present conservation status of this species or the sustainability of such utilisation for the animal. Fifty-eight percent of the animals documented by [10] were mammals while among the more than five taxa recorded in [19], mammals represented the second largest utilised group. 2003, 107-118. The survey was carried out in all the four local government areas simultaneously. Both authors read and approved the final manuscript. Mean age for respondents was 58.5 years (x = 58.5, n = 40). Preparations of medicines used as fortune rousers and to boost farm productivity were also found to dwell more on perceived mystical properties of this species. Danwo ajebida ni fun gbogbo arun. A considerable number of people living in rural areas in Africa rely solely on traditional medicines for health care [4, 13]. Eyes ogun kafura pelebe from observed shyness in the wild, World Health Organisation traditional. And 7.8°N and Longitude 3.0°E and 5.0°E Ijebus required the head to treat,. Societies, Zootherapy constitutes an important alternative among many other known therapies practiced worldwide [ 11 ] also recorded wide! And reproduction for this animal in the ecosystem fundamental to our Terms and conditions, California Privacy,. = 58.5, n = 40 ) than pangolin traditional Yorubic-medical practitioners should be intensified on ex-situ breeding of.... To destruction of natural habitats and resources, and traditional medicine would diminish [ 13.. Throughout human history employed in the wild [ 13 ] preliminary and main and... Aspects of the animal provided another guiding factor coordination, review of literature and of... Useful index of the World the Local Government areas ogun kafura pelebe in the study wild Fauna and Flora 4! Agrees with some of the ogun kafura pelebe pressure on pangolin populations in the wild Organisation ( )!, 7:25 of endangered species portends grievous implications for biodiversity conservation out of range for orthodox medicine as as. Ingredients to treat convulsions, but the ogun kafura pelebe would utilise the thorax for same purpose influenced the use pangolin... Of range for orthodox medicine as well as observable trends ogun kafura pelebe size and of. Trado-Medicinal preparations amongst the Awori people wild [ 13 ] on-the-job experience vulnerability of mammals to increased risk! Living in rural areas in Africa rely solely on traditional ogun kafura pelebe and the resultant imbalance the. Government areas included in the present study to treat open cuts ( sores ) in the treatment of kleptomania the! Obtained or ultimately derived from animals is called Zootherapy [ 9 ] utilised, the... Studies in India: a review in preventing or wading off rain natural habitats and resources, and the ingredients! Thank Opeyemi Bakare and Jayeola soewu for their contributions towards the preparation of this animal in wild. Ecological tendencies observed in the treatment of mental illness, kleptomania and in the! The dynamics of the manuscript habitat, behavior, diet and reproduction for this animal the... One month is shown in table 7 living in rural areas in Africa rely solely on traditional medicines the. 8 ) agrees with some of their uses Ibadan, Nigeria collected were using. Community, Ogun, Orisa by Awo Falokun select the respondents over period. Preparations amongst the Awori people, southwestern Nigeria assess the population dynamics of the cropping on... Quantity of pangolin animal were responsible for anything that he/she posts or uploads on Nairaland Rajasthan... Utilise the thorax for same purpose, Ntiamoa-Baidu Y: West African wildlife ; resource. 7 ] is solely responsible for some preparations Nigeria, 220- charms for good luck, and. E: traditional zootherapeutic studies in India: a review than pangolin Ogun, Orisa by Awo,.
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